Here are a few questions that we get asked over and

over. If your question is not on this page please do

not be afraid to contact me.

Due to the rising cost of materials, some
prices may have increased from April 2018

* Do you use other types of timber?

Yes, we can use any sort of timber you like. The choice is up to you.



* Can you match the colour of my old furniture?

Yes we can colour and stain match any item.



* If I see things I like from different items of furniture can you use each bit?

 Yes we can mix and match anything you see.



* Do you deliver?

 Yes, we can deliver your product at a small charge.



* I have a piece of furniture and I have now been back to get another one to match but the shop are no longer selling them. What can I do?

 Don't panic. We can usually match any piece of furniture you already have.